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Beatriz Sampietro
Mobile: (58-416) 401-7124
E-mail: beasampietro@hotmail.com

Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liaison
Spanish A - English B

Beatriz Sampietro

Interpretation Experience: 23 years


  • Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation in Spanish, English and French, Central University of Venezuela, 1986.
  • College degree in Insurance, Instituto Universitario de Seguros, Caracas, 1979.

Experienced Simultaneous Interpreter in: Accounting, Art, Banking, Business, Civil Aviation, Computers, Consulting, Economy, Education, Engineering, Environment, Finances, Management, Marketing, Oil and Gas (upstream and downstream operations), Politics, Publicity, Telecommunications.

Representative Sample of International Conferences:

  • Executive Committee Meeting of the World Peace Council (WPC), Caracas, November 2013
  • Building and Woodworkers International Conference (BWI) on Trade Unions and Organizational Strategies for the Amazon Basin, Caracas, October 2013
  • II Summit Africa-South America (ASA), Margarita Island, September 2009
  • Community of Latin American and Caribbean States Summit (CELAC), Caracas, 2011
  • 24th Meeting of High Authorities in Human Rights and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mercosur and Associate States, Caracas, November 2013
  • 33rd Meeting of the Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering Lavex-Cicad (OAS), Caracas, September 2011
  • 35th Meeting on Systematization of Central Banks for the Center for Latin American and Monetary Studies (CEMLA), Caracas, October 2013
  • VII Summit of Heads of State and Government of Member Countries of Petrocaribe, Caracas, May 2013
  • XI Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-PTA, Caracas, February 2012
  • Regional Aviation Security Conference for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Caracas, February 2012
  • World Social Forum, Caracas, January 2006
  • II OPEC Summit of Heads of State and Government, Caracas, September 2000

Technical Meetings, Seminars, Conferences:
CVG, PDVSA, Central Bank of Venezuela, Intevep, UNIDO, Latin American Economic System (SELA),  Latin American Confederation of Workers, Central University of Vzla.

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