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Claudia S. Sierich Georgi
c.sierich@avinc.org - c.sierich@aiic.net

skype: claudia.sierich

AIIC (Geneva), since 1998
AVINC (Caracas), since 1989

German A Spanish A English C
French, Italian (Read/Spoken)

Claudia Sierich

Having freely practiced the profession as a freelancer for more than two decades now, I interpret consecutive, simultaneous and escort for Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, Industry, Economy, Culture and Sports throughout Latin America, as well as occasionally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Heads of State of Latin-American countries who held their positions during the past 20 years, all Venezuelan Presidents since 1987, Presidents Herzog and Köhler from Germany, celebrities such as Rigoberta Menchú,  Nobel Peace Prize, José Antonio Abreu, founder of the Venezuelan Orchestra System, philosophers such as Rüdiger Safransky, poets like Ernesto Cardenal, writers such as Ilija Trojanov, orchestra conductors like Sandor Vegh and Gustavo Dudamel, are some among my illustrious interpreted persons – but above all, the never ending and never forgotten hosts of the humble and anonymous voices in the shanty towns of the urban and rural areas visited in the Latin-American territory.

Some of the topics dealt with are constitutional law, Human Rights, cooperation and development, quality management, environmental technologies, oil industry, breweries, natural medicine, struggle against drug trafficking, and organized crime, among others. Institutions like the International Olympic Committee and the Salzburger Festspiele have required my services trustingly.

Claudia Sierich understands her activity as a service for peace and for increased knowledge and creativity in the world. She does not interpret any topics related to weapon purchase or sales, or to chemical products or drugs banned in some places of the world, but promoted in others according to the laws and regulations in force in those places..

Translations into German and Spanish of literary texts – essays, drama, poetry, novel – have been published in her versions. – Graduate Studies in Latin-American Literature and Thought, Simón Bolívar University. Collaboration as a literary translator of LAForum Vienna; Foundation and coordination of the ©“Traficantes de Palabras” Festival (Word Traffickers Festival) devoted to creative and experimental thought in the area of translation and interpretation traficantesdepalabras@gmail.com. Monte Avila Ed. Poetry Prize 2008 and Municipal Poetry Prize 2010 (Honorable Mention) for the book of poems “Imposible de Lugar”. Participated in the Mülheim  International Theater Festival June 2009 as a drama translator, invited by Goethe Institut. Took part in the literary activities at Literaturhaus in Vienna June 2010 as a translator for the Venezuelan writer Carlos Noguera. Her most recent book is "dicha la dádiva" (“the gift”), published by Equinoccio, Caracas, November 2011.

President of AVINC 2009/2010 · Member of the AVINC’s Conciliation, Ethics and Discipline Committee  2000 -2008 and 2010 – 2011. Member of the Board of Directors of the Humboldt Cultural Association (Caracas) since 2006. Outreach: Yoga, Reiki.


Claudia Sierich Claudia S. Sierich Georgi

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