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Carmelo A. Velásquez

Spanish A – English B – Italian B
Teléfono(+58) 414 2502880 /(+58) 412 3751388
Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, fixing.

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EXPERIENCE (12 years)

FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: Politics, Oil & Gas, Economics, International Affairs, History, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Electoral Affairs, and Legal.

Participated in several national and international events, including a broad range of workshops and courses in the field of oil and gas, mainly in drilling, exploration, and refining. Good command of specialized terminology in a broad range of technical subjects.

Provides conference interpreting services, including simultaneous interpretation equipment outsourcing. Builds and coordinates free-lance teams for large translation and interpretation projects.

Representative Sample of Work

  • Caribbean Workers Council and Annual Meeting OIT-ORIT, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, July 2006.  
  • III Latin-American and Caribbean Conference of Tourism Workers, Oranjeestad, Aruba, November 2006.
  • Visit of the Italian AntiMafia Prosecutor Pietro Grasso to the Venezuelan Prosecutor General’s Office within the framework of the event “New Challenges for the Combat of Transnational Organized Crime. March 2007, Caracas.
  • Participation of the British fashion model Naomi Campbell during the presidential event “Meeting Points” organized by INAMUJER. October 2007, Caracas.
  • Visit of the Honorable Fausto Bertinotti, Speaker of the House of the Italian Congress, to the Venezuelan National Assembly. January 2008, Caracas, Venezuela.  
  • Seminar on Satellite Monitoring of Illicit Crops, organized by the Colombian Government and the Regional Office of the United Nations against Drugs and Crime, November 2008, Bogotá, Colombia.     
  • Visit of the representatives of the Convention against Corruption of the United Nations to different institutions of the Colombian Government: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anti-Narcotics Agency, Office of the Comptroller General, Office of the Attorney General, among others. November 2008 Bogota, Colombia. 
  • International Alternative Conference E-Convergence, October 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA.    
  • Interpreter and staff coordinator for several electoral processes during the period between 2006-2009, for the National Electoral Council (CNE) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference. Maracaibo, 2014
  • Several workshops and seminars in the field of oil and gas: oil exploration and production, oil reservoir characterization, well cementing, refining processes, well pressure control, hydrocarbon fluids, mud logging while drilling, petro physical properties, among other topics.


  • Universidad Central de Venezuela. Post-Graduate Course in International Law and Politics. Faculty of Law and Political Science. Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB). Advanced Diploma in Strategic Communications and the Media. Faculty of Journalism. Caracas, Venezuela. 
  • Universidad Central de Venezuela. Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Faculty of Humanities and Education. Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Instituto Universitario de Mercadotecnia (ISUM). Associate’s Degree in Marketing. Caracas, Venezuela.   
  • Certified court interpreter and translator. Department of Justice, Venezuela.
  • Media Announcer Diploma. Department of Education, Venezuela.
  • Several courses in Legal Translation and Translation related topics. Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Italian Culture and Civilization, Università per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy.


  • Asociación Venezolana de Intérpretes de Conferencia (AVINC), 2015
  • Colegio Nacional de Licenciados en Traducción e Interpretación (CONALTI), 2010

I am currently a Professor of interpretation and translation at the School of Modern Languages of Universidad Central de Venezuela. Venezuela´s oldest, largest and most reputable University.   

References available upon request.

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