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Updated feb 2008

Spanish A Italian B French B English B
Phone: (58 212) 3214124 - Cel. (58 414) 3301434 / (58412) 3301434
Fax: (58 212) 3214124
E-mail: francescayvito@cantv.net

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EXPERIENCE (27 years)

Representative Sample of Conferences and Seminars into Spanish

  • 2nd Monroe Wall Symposium: Natural Products Discovery/Biodiversity/Biotechnology, Sartenejas, 1998
  • PDVSA Knowledge Management International Forum, Caracas, 1999/2000/2001/2002
  • 14th and 15th AVPG International Gas Meeting, Caracas, 2000/2001
  • Nestlé Merchandising & POP/DSD Sales Seminars, Caracas, 2006

Representative Sample of Conferences and Seminars into Italian

  • 15th ICFTU World Congress, Caracas, 1992
  • Ordinary Meeting of UINL Member Notaries Public, Dominican Republic, 1997
  • Andean Community/EU Subregional Workshop “Risk Management Associated with Hydrometeorological Threats & Mass Movement”, Margarita Island, 2006

Representative Sample of Conferences and Seminars into French

  • 11th Non-aligned Countries Summit/Ministerial Meeting of NOAL Coordination Bureau, Cartagena - Colombia, 1995/1998
  • 99th Extraordinary Session of the OAS Interamerican Commission of Human Rights, Caracas, 1998
  • 30th Regular Session of CICAD/OAS, Caracas, 2001
  • 5th General Assembly of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA), Caracas, 2003
  • 30th ECLAC Session, San Juan – Puerto Rico, 2004

Representative Sample of Conferences and Seminars into English

  • IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas, Caracas, 1998
  • WPA (World Psychiatric Association) International Congress, Caracas, 2003
  • EU/Latin America/Caribbean 1st International Meeting on Drug Monitoring Centers, Caracas, 2005
  • Courses on Ecstasy and Synthetic Drugs & Port Drug Investigation, Caracas, 2006


  • Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering, Social/Political Sciences, Management, Legal Issues, Petroleum/Gas, Computer Science.
  • Worked as a consecutive interpreter in Caracas for Danica Seleskovitch (Interpretation Theory, 1982), Guy Guimbertau (Enology, 1993/94), and Antonio Di Pietro (Corruption in Italy, 1995), as well as at the International Conference on Organic Agriculture (1993) and the 8th Venezuelan Management Congress (1995).


  • Permanent interpretation co-coordinator at IDEA since 1982.


  • International Institute for Advanced Studies (IDEA), UNESCO-Caracas, GE Nuovo Pignone, CIED (PDVSA's Corporate University/Petroleum), TOTAL.


  • Graduated with honors as an Interpreter/Translator, Central University of Venezuela (UCV), 1981
  • Certified Translator in French (1984), English (1991) and Italian (1993), Ministry of Justice, Venezuela
  • Media Announcer Diploma (1995), UCV/Ministry of Education, Venezuela
  • 2-year Portuguese Course (1995-96), CCII, Los Teques
  • Various courses on Translation and Interpretation Theory, Legal Translation and Linguistics


  • Venezuelan Conference Interpreters Association (AVINC), 1991
  • International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), 2004

I was an interpretation/translation teacher for 8 years at UCV. I enjoy collecting specialized dictionaries and glossaries.


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