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Kirsten Runge de Lopez Capriles
Caracas, Venezuela.
Danish citizen, Venezuelan ID: E-922306.
Phones: (58 212) 976.0198 and 979.9065.
Fax: (58 212) 975.0421.
Cell phones: (58 412 or 58 416) 6233996
Email: kisarunge@gmail.com

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LANGUAGES: Danish A, English A,
                       Spanish A, Norwegian C

Baccalaureate with specialization in languages (Danish, English, German, Spanish, French and Latin) Denmark. Graduate from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, as a translator/correspondent in Danish, English, German, and French. Graduate from the Berlitz School of Languages, as an interpreter/translator in English, Spanish and Danish.

Certified translator Spanish/Danish/Spanish, Ministry of Justice, Venezuela.

Member of the Venezuelan Association of Conference Interpreters (AVINC)
Honorary Citizen of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Member of the Board of Examiners at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, for the selection of interpreters to the European Community.

MAIN AREAS OF EXPERTISE: (30 years of experience)

  1. All areas related to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
  2. Economics, finance and management.
  3. Electricity, alternate energy sources and telecommunications
  4. Information technology/computer science
  5. Trade Unions
  6. International relations, foreign missions
  7. Drug enforcement and counternarcotics agencies (USA and UK)


CIED (International Center of Education and Development of the Venezuelan Oil Industry). PDVSA, INTEVEP, INAPET, STATOIL, BAKER HUGHES, SHELL, EXXON, PETROCARIBE. -OPEC Maintenance Seminar. - UNITAR conferences: Enhanced Oil Recovery, Heavy Crudes and Tar Sands. - Venezuelan Congresses of Geophysics and Geology. - GPA (Gas Producers´ Association) and the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT). – AVPG. - General Electric, Westinghouse, Canadian NDT Institute (Non-destructive Testing). - IESA (Private Business School for Masters´ Studies in Caracas. - World-, regional and local conferences of FIET/IROFIET (International Federation of Technical and Professional Employees). AON: Reinsurance Brokers´ Conferences. – OAS, SELA (LAES). - Carter Center: Elections monitoring missions. – US Department of Defense: International Defense Management Courses. – FBI and DEA (USA). - National Crime Squad (UK). - Embassies: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Canada.

2011/2012, President of AVINC (Asociación Venezolana de Intérpretes de Conferencia).

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