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Monica Ramler-Vaisberg
Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation - Translation-
Tel. (58.212) 552.5781 – (58.212)552.2813;
Fax (58.212)552.9457; Mobile: (58) 414.3263189
email: - moni118@gmail.com
P.O.Box 75933, Caracas 1070-A, Venezuela

Languages: Spanish (A) French (B) English (B) German (C)

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Higher Education and Degrees:

  • Lycée Français Louis Pasteur (Baccalauréat)
  • Civilisation Française et Psychologie, (Sorbonne, Paris, 1967)
  • Proficiency Certificate, Cambridge University (1967)
  • Ecole d'Interprètes, Université de Genève (1968-1971)
  • Holborn College , London (1971-1972) Simultaneous and Consecutive Conference Interpreter – Translator
  • Reiki Master (2008)

Professional Associations:

  • AIIC International Association of Conference Interpreters (Geneva)TAALS American Association of Language Specialists (Washington) - Executive Vice-president for Latin America (1985-1988)
  • Founding member of AIC and AVINC in Colombia and Venezuela

Professional Experience and Expertise:

  • Since 1973 , has organized teams and worked on multi-language conferences in several countries for a wide array of national and international organizations as well as public and private institutions including: United Nations Family (ILO, FAO, UNESCO, UNDP, WMO , ICAO , WIPO, WHO, UNIDO, UNFPA, UNEP,UNCTAD), Financial Institutions (IDB, IMF, World Bank), Central Banks , Organization of American States , Pan American Health Organization, Latin American Economic System , European Community, European and Latin American Parliamentary Organizations, Embassies (including Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany , Great Britain, United States, Switzerland) International Trade Unions, Medical, Scientific and Cultural Associations and Universities
  • Consecutive interpretation as escort of high ranking representatives of governments and private and public institutions including : Min. Cheysson (European Community), Lord Levy (British Parliament ) Sen. Javits , . J. Kirkpatrick , Amb. I. Rabinovich, Secr. William Perry , Pres. J. Carter (USA), Min. Shimon Peres, Elie Wiesel , Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Deepak Chopra , William URY, Harvard University Joseph Stiglitz
  • Areas of special interest and in depth knowledge include:
    • Law, Politics and Government- Economics, Finance, International Trade
    • Social and human studies, spec. education and psychology- Management
    • Medicine, Dentistry , scientific research and related fields; Environment and Agriculture
    • Telecommunications, computer science
  • Translator of a number of regular publications on Population (UNFPA), Higher Education (UNESCO), Bulletins of the Latin American Development Administration Center, Contemporary Thought among others.

Some representative meetings include:

  • WORLD BANK : Supreme Court of Justice. Modernization of the Judiciary : Meetings with representatives of the Singapur' and Philippines' systems (2002 through 2004)
  • International Court on Arbitration: Seminars on Conciliation and Arbitration, (2001 through 2005)
  • Inter- parliamentary Union Assemblies, Mexico, D.F. 2004 – Panama, 2010
  • IDB – Board of Governors – IMF – High Level Missions, Central Banks and Financial Institutions,
  • ECLAC - OAS – Sessions , Meetings on specific issues , Summit of the Americas, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador
  • UNEP - :Control of Desertification, Colombia - Land Based Sources of Marine Pollution
  • FAO – Workshops :WECAFC Fisheries Committee – Trinidad, Venezuela – Codex Alimentarius – Costa Rica
  • ITU- International Telecommunications Union – Technical Seminars on standard definitions (2001 through 2005) CONATEL (Venezuelan Telecommunications Authority)
  • Family Therapy Workshops . Breaking the Cycle of Violence
  • Symposium on Neuroscience – Antipsychotic drugs
  • - “Drug Observatories - : I International Meeting Venezuela –European Union”
  • Leadership Workshops for High Level Managers - Seminarium
  • SAP Workshops (2004 through 2006)
  • New Computer Products : IBM, Microsoft, FYC systems
  • Duke University - North Carolina Cardiology Teleconferences "Echo in Context" - (2001 through 2005)
  • Teleconferences and Meetings: Cardiology, Pain Management, Urology, Ophthalmology, Dentistry , Endoscopic interventions in Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery , Psychoneuroimmunology , Neonatology. Allergies, and other medical fields
  • Venezuelan Foundation of Youth Orchestras : Workshops and Master classes ,New England Conservatory Orchestras
  • Sports FIFA : Sub-17 Championship , Peru - Basketball
  • Swimming

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