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Updated Jan 2000

Nadja Prophete Magloire
Spanish A - English C - German C
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel./Fax: (58-212) 242 - 3586 // (5814) 3201073
email: nadja.prophete@gmail.com

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I grew up surrounded by a family who spoke Haitian Creole, French, Spanish and English, and that fact always exerted a major influence on my personal history. So I developed a love for languages and a strong desire to always be in contact with different cultures. I felt that one of the best ways to achieve this was to follow a career in languages. Consequently, in 1982, I visited the School of Languages at the "Universidad Central de Venezuela". Spanish, English and German were the languages in which I chose to be professionally educated. I got my Bachelor's degree as a Professional Translator and Interpreter in 1987 and have been working in the field ever since.

In my 13 years experience as a translator and interpreter I have worked in many different fields. The ones I enjoy most are: Computer Science, Engineering, Farming, Milling, Pasta Products Processing, Breading, Agricultural and Cattle Breeding and New Age topics.

Some of the areas I have worked in during 1998 are: Telecommunications, Agriculture, Food Processing Industry, Veterinary Medicine, Pediatrics, Marketing and Sales, Computer Science, Transportation, Footwear industry, Automotive Industry, Publicity, Foreign Trade, Human Resources, Construction Industry, and Oil Industry. For companies such as: 3Com Latinoamerica, AT&T, CANTV, US Wheat Associates, California Wheat Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Venezuela), Latin-American Milling School, Metro de Caracas, Transportation Technology Center, Clarks, CONICIT, Chrevolet, Procter&Gamble, and the American Soybean Association

I am a member of the Venezuelan Association of ConferenceInterpreters (AVINC) as well as theVenezuelan Psycho-Biophysics Association.

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AVINC - Asociación Venezolana de Intérpretes de Conferencia
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