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Updated feb 2008

Vicky Hart-Maldonado
English A - Spanish A - French C
P.O Box 65741,Caracas 1066-A, Venezuela

e-mail: vickyhartmaldonado@gmail.com
Tel:(+58-212) 987 6007 Telefax:710 7028
Mobile:(+58-412) 287 6007

Foto de Rosalba Ciancia Biondo

Representative sample of conferences and seminars:

Spanish <-> English(Simultaneous)

  • Petroleum Seminars and Courses (Production, Exploration, Drilling, Refining, Petrochemicals) CIED, nationwide, since 1990
  • Information Technology Seminars (IBM, Novell, Digital, HP) Caracas, since 1991
  • Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Latin American Women and Children (Unesco) Caracas, March 1994
  • Ventilation Fire Seminar (Colt UK) Caracas, June 1994
  • Petroleum XXI - An Agenda for Tomorrow (PDVSA) Caracas, Nov 1994
  • Landfarming seminar (Amoco/Conoco/BP) Maturín, Jan 1998 GTE Presentation of Proposal to CANTV, Caracas, March 1998
  • Regional Symposium on New Broadcasting and Television Technologies (International Communication Union - ITU, Geneva) Santiago de Chile, August 1999
  • Maritime Law Seminar, Margarita, October 1999
  • Air Defence Seminar (British Ministry of Defence) Caracas, June 2000
  • Insurance Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2001
  • Conference on Economic Crime and Electronic Fraud (UCAB) Caracas, January 2004
  • Tropical Medicine Seminar (Socivem) Barquisimeto, February 2004
  • Franco-Venezuelan Colloquium on Hydrocarbons (French Embassy) Caracas, May 2004.

French and Spanish -> English (Simultaneous)

  • Group of 77 Conference, South-South Dialogue, Caraballeda, May 1981
  • 4th World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas, Caracas, Feb 1992
  • Ministerial Meeting of the Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement, Cartagena, Colombia, May 1998
  • SPE International Conference on Health, Safety and the Environment in Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas (ANRI Human Resources Global 98) Caracas, June 1998

Consecutive and Liaison Interpreting

  • British, Canadian and US Embassy Trade Missions since 1986
  • Meetings between Foreign Ministers of Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain, March 1990
  • British Council: "Proyecto Venezuela" (Presentation of academic programmes to PDVSA subsidiaries) Caracas, May 1992
  • Aluminium Privatisation Process (RTZ-Comalco and Reynolds/CVG) Ciudad Guayana, Nov 96/Jan 97
  • Meetings on Judicial Reform in Venezuela, Caracas, October 1998
  • Meetings between the European Commission and a CVG mining company (EC Brussels) Ciudad Guayana, May 1999
  • Military Exhibition (British Ministry of Defence - Expo Ejército 2003) Caracas, June 2003.

Petroleum, Environment, IT, Telecommunications, Advertising & Marketing, International Trade, Food & Agriculture, Public Health, Metallurgy & Mining, Shipping. Education, Development Banking, Trade Unions, Insurance, Banking & Finance, Prevention of Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking and Corruption.

PDVSA and subsidiaries, Unesco, British Embassy & British Council, Reynolds/CVG, Asociación Venezolana de Franquicias, Amoco, Instituto Venezolano de Estudios Políticos y Sociales (INVESP), Amoco, OAS,Transcanada, Intesa, Asociación Bancaria, UNDP, ITU, European Commission.


  • Postgraduate Diploma for Conference Interpreters, Polytechnic of Central London, 1976
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Specialised Translation, Polytechnic of Central London, 1975

I interpret for national and multinational corporations, banks universities, and several Venezuelan associations, UN agencies and regional organizations. Detailed CV available upon request.

Freelance translator in London before moving to Venezuela in 1977. My main client in the UK was the European Coal & Steel Community.
Highly experienced conference translator and reviewer: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English, my mother tongue.
Freelance translator into English of Web pages. Free-lance translator, reviewer and editor for Venezuelan companies, international translation agencies, multinational corporations, and international and regional organizations

Professional Associations
Asociación Venezolana de Intérpretes de Conferencia (AVINC)
Asociación Venezolana de Traductores (AVT) - founder member.


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